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Time to Party!!

Kim and Mo’s Andover Country Club Reception  |  Andover, MA

What an awesome party this was! I must say I couldn’t help doing a little dancing myself! From DJ Imho of Ramu and the Crew with their awesome set up including a travel-inspired message board and a photo-booth spinning out hilarious – albeit not-so-useful – passport shots ;) to the beautiful flowers by Complete by Mera to their AMAZING travel-inspired wedding cake by Keyks in Chelmsford – these two know how to throw a crowd-pleasing soirée!

andover-country-club-wedding-8 andover-country-club-wedding-7-2andover-country-club-wedding-4-2


postcards from the newlyweds!


andover-country-club-wedding-9-2 andover-country-club-wedding-10 andover-country-club-wedding-12-2 andover-country-club-wedding-13 andover-country-club-wedding-14 andover-country-club-wedding-15 andover-country-club-wedding-16-2 andover-country-club-wedding-18-2

cutest little world-traveler cake toppers ♥


I wonder if anyone took a bite out of this edible passport?!

andover-country-club-wedding-21-2 andover-country-club-wedding-22 andover-country-club-wedding-23-2 andover-country-club-wedding-25-2 andover-country-club-wedding-26-2 andover-country-club-wedding-27-2 andover-country-club-wedding-28

Kim’s switched into a traditional Cambodian dress with decadent gold jewelryandover-country-club-wedding-29-2 andover-country-club-wedding-31 andover-country-club-wedding-33-2 andover-country-club-wedding-34 andover-country-club-wedding-37 andover-country-club-wedding-41 andover-country-club-wedding-42-2

time for glow-sticks!andover-country-club-wedding-46-2 andover-country-club-wedding-47 andover-country-club-wedding-48 andover-country-club-wedding-49 andover-country-club-wedding-100

congrats again guys!

see Kim and Mo’s wedding ceremony!


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