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A Garden Wedding at the Andover Country Club | Boston wedding photography

Kim and Mo

Andover | MA

Kim and Mo shared a beautiful garden ceremony a few weeks ago and I’m so excited (!) to share some of my favorite photos from the ceremony on the grounds of the Andover Country Club. Next up will be photos from their exciting reception! 


“the Mo”andover-country-club-ceremony-2-3 andover-country-club-ceremony-4-3 andover-country-club-ceremony-5


In case you were wondering these exquisite, vibrant blooms were by “Complete by Mera



andover-country-club-ceremony-10-2 andover-country-club-ceremony-13-2 andover-country-club-ceremony-14 andover-country-club-ceremony-15-3

andover-country-club-ceremony-6-3 andover-country-club-ceremony-17-3 andover-country-club-ceremony-18-2 andover-country-club-ceremony-19-2 andover-country-club-ceremony-21 andover-country-club-ceremony-23

best – and longest ;) – first kiss ever!!andover-country-club-ceremony-24 andover-country-club-ceremony-25 andover-country-club-ceremony-27-2



enjoying fresh oysters on the lawn served up by the best man


a captain morgan moment


I loved this picnic on the lawn they had after the ceremony to chill out with their wedding party!

It’s such a great way to really enjoy the moment!



 stealing a few minutes away before the party…



see photos of Kim getting ready for her big day here

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