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Love Me Tender

Dan and Daeri’s Romantic Reception

Andover | MA

Daeri and Dan had a blast with friends, family, and a surprise guest Daeri’s mom invited… I’ll give you a hint, he’s a hunk of burning love! Daeri’s talented friend Jo created all the decorations – I loved the tiny chalk board favors she created! The delicious spread was prepared by The Party Connection of Methuen (many thanks to them for popping me yummy snacks now and then!)



andover-wedding-photographers-8-2 andover-wedding-photographers-5-2



andover-wedding-photographers-10 andover-wedding-photographers-11

andover-wedding-photographers-29-2 andover-wedding-photographers-13-2 andover-wedding-photographers-18-2 andover-wedding-photographers-21-2 andover-wedding-photographers-22-2 andover-wedding-photographers-23 andover-wedding-photographers-24-2

andover-wedding-photographers-100-3 andover-wedding-photographers-27 andover-wedding-photographers-28-2



A surprise for the bride and groom!

andover-wedding-photographers-33 andover-wedding-photographers-35

andover-wedding-photographers-32-2 andover-wedding-photographers-36 andover-wedding-photographers-37-2 andover-wedding-photographers-40 andover-wedding-photographers-43 andover-wedding-photographers-44-2

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