engagements / portraiture

Boston Harbor Engagement Session

Afriany + Waemen

Boston | MA

This fun duo took a break from planning their upcoming Willowdale Estate wedding for a photo date along the Boston Harborwalk. When we first arrived a giant gray cloud rolled in and rain started spraying down but we waited it out and were so glad we did because the light afterward was just beautiful, not to mention we found a giant, shiny puddle on Long Wharf that reflected Afriany, Waemen and the Custom House Tower in it!

These two were a little camera-shy at first, but they really warmed up quickly and had a great time! I think they especially enjoyed their romp through the splash fountain at the Waterfront Park.

boston-harborwalk-engagement-photos-1-3 boston-harborwalk-engagement-photos-3-3 boston-harborwalk-engagement-photos-4-2 boston-harborwalk-engagement-photos-6 boston-harborwalk-engagement-photos-7 boston-harborwalk-engagement-photos-8-2








boston-harborwalk-engagement-photos-14-3 boston-harborwalk-engagement-photos-16-2 boston-harborwalk-engagement-photos-17 boston-harborwalk-engagement-photos-19

Wardrobe change!






boston-harborwalk-engagement-photos-25-3 boston-harborwalk-engagement-photos-27-3 boston-harborwalk-engagement-photos-28-3 boston-harborwalk-engagement-photos-29-3 boston-harborwalk-engagement-photos-30-3

Once sunset got closer we went to Piers Park across the Harbor in East Boston. I have to say this park is really a hidden gem! The park was alive with families, lovers, musicians and the most beautiful glowing view of Boston! It made such a perfect backdrop to capture this couple’s love for each other. I can’t wait for their wedding!

boston-harborwalk-engagement-photos-205boston-harborwalk-engagement-photos-31-3 boston-harborwalk-engagement-photos-35-2 boston-harborwalk-engagement-photos-37-2


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