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A Touch of Old Hollywood Glamour

Daeri and Dan’s Sparkling Poolside Wedding

Andover | MA

Daeri and Dan were such a pleasure to photograph! They enjoyed their moment so much and it was so wonderful to see so many of their friends and family enjoying their day with them! The wedding had a simple classic hollywood feel with Daeri looking so glamorous in her beaded one shoulder gown and Swarovski crystals… Dan so dashing in his black tux… and all the guests gathered around a sparkling pool lit by twinkle lights just at sunset. So beautiful!


Daeri’s makeup and hair were expertly done by Grace Moschetto who gave Daeri the perfect amount of drama with those cat eyes and shimmer dust in her hair!

andover-wedding-ceremony-photographer-3-3 andover-wedding-ceremony-photographer-4

 I have never loved any bride’s shoes as much as these! Silver lace Stuart Weitzman peep pumps… love love, so feminine and elegant


andover-wedding-ceremony-photographer-5andover-wedding-ceremony-photographer-7-2 andover-wedding-ceremony-photographer-8-2



andover-wedding-ceremony-photographer-14 andover-wedding-ceremony-photographer-15-2andover-wedding-ceremony-photographer-16-2

andover-wedding-ceremony-photographer-15-3 andover-wedding-ceremony-photographer-15
andover-wedding-ceremony-photographer-16 andover-wedding-ceremony-photographer-17-2

the last of the sunset crackling through the trees




andover-wedding-ceremony-photographer-24-2 andover-wedding-ceremony-photographer-26



Congratulations Daeri and Dan!!

More from their beautiful evening to come!


One thought on “A Touch of Old Hollywood Glamour

  1. You captured the beauty, love, and affection of the bride and groom, as well as, their family and friends. What a memorable event. Aunt Syd

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