Kim’s Tasty Travel-Themed Bridal Shower

A Backyard Global Feast in Lowell!

This was by far the coolest bridal shower I’ve ever attended! I loved the travel theme that went throughout the party and that is going to continue at the wedding! The food, mostly prepared by Kim’s family and friends, took her guests’ tastebuds on a world tour from South-Asian Shrimp and Chicken Goi Cuon to Spanish Paella, Greek dolmades to all-American mac and cheese. So so good! And just perfect for the foodie bride-to-be!

Everything from the invitations to the napkin rings to the games carried the travel theme through! Good job bridesmaids!


maps and airline themes for the decorations






Kim’s bridesmaids had take-out boxes made with her blog Mami-Eggroll‘s logo on them so everyone could take home extras to enjoy!


Spanish Paella with Clams and Lobsters, wow!


Sweeten up those drinks girls!


Kim with her sister :)


Shower games included filling out passport stamps from all the places Kim and “The Mo” have traveled

boston-bridal-shower-ideas-28 boston-bridal-shower-ideas-32-2boston-bridal-shower-ideas-31-2

I LOVED these cupcakes! It was fun to see the airways logo throughout the party :)


The stunning Kim and her wedding dress cake


Some of Kim’s friends got together and made her this cute coupon book for their upcoming bachelorette trip!boston-bridal-shower-ideas-34-2

Kim’s mom watches on as she opens all her amazing gifts!!travel-themed-bridal-shower-3

Kim’s mom got her this beautiful bracelet and Kim was so moved, such a beautiful moment!


such a fun party!

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