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Simon at 10 days Old

Handsome Baby Simon |  Somerville, MA

This little boy was just too much for me! So ridiculously adorable and he was super cooperative with all our moving him around!

We floated him in clouds of fluffy linen cloths and fluffed his beautiful hair too. So so sweet.

boston baby photographer-9

best boston baby photographers 6

I like how only “CHAMP” shows here :)boston baby photographer-1 boston baby photographer-2

boston baby photographer-4 boston baby photographer-7

Beautiful new mama Hannah rests with Simon ♥boston baby photographer-14 boston baby photographer-18 boston baby photographer-19

boston baby photographer-21 boston baby photographer-22 boston baby photographer-23 boston baby photographer-25

resting on Daddy

boston baby photographer-12 boston baby photographer-26 boston baby photographer-28 boston baby photographer-30 boston baby photographer-31

Love from aunt Sarah

boston baby photographer-33

and Grandma

boston baby photographer-34

and Grandpaboston baby photographer-35


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