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Clambake n’ Cake

Endicott Estate  |  Dedham, MA

Joan and John celebrated their new marriage with their loved ones by spoiling them with a classic New England treat! Lobster and Clams!  I loved seeing tables and tables of white-bibbed guests enjoying those bright red crustaceans! And check out their gorgeous cake!

Catering by B&M Clambake




I love these kissing fishes!

cambridge-fine-art-photography-4 cambridge-fine-art-photography-5 cambridge-fine-art-photography-6

Mr. and Mrs.!


Guests enjoyed a playful “how-to eat your lobster” video clip by John!


cambridge-fine-art-photography-8 cambridge-fine-art-photography-9 cambridge-fine-art-photography-10 cambridge-fine-art-photography-12 cambridge-fine-art-photography-13 cambridge-fine-art-photography-14 cambridge-fine-art-photography-15 cambridge-fine-art-photography-16 cambridge-fine-art-photography-17 cambridge-fine-art-photography-18 cambridge-fine-art-photography-19

Joan and John shared stories about how they met and fell in love ♥



cambridge-fine-art-photography-24 cambridge-fine-art-photography-25-2 cambridge-fine-art-photography-26 cambridge-fine-art-photography-28-3


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