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Vintage Sweet at The Endicott Estate

Joan Prepares for Her Wedding  |  Dedham, MA

I have to say,  Joan made such a beautiful bride! From her hand-stitched, vintage-inspired flower and lace dress to her delicate bird cage veil to her ivory heirloom roses, Joan was so stunning!  The photographs of her garden reveal plainly show her dashing groom John agreed!

Hair + makeup by Keldara Salon. Veil by Vera Wang. Flowers by Whole Foods. Wedding at Endicott Estate.

endicott-estate-wedding-photography-1-2 endicott-estate-wedding-photography-2-2 endicott-estate-wedding-photography-3 endicott-estate-wedding-photography-4 endicott-estate-wedding-photography-5 endicott-estate-wedding-photography-6 endicott-estate-wedding-photography-7 endicott-estate-wedding-photography-8

I love these incredible flower details!

endicott-estate-wedding-photography-9-2 endicott-estate-wedding-photography-10 endicott-estate-wedding-photography-11-2


these tight, spiral flowers had such beautiful texture!

endicott-estate-wedding-photography-13-2 endicott-estate-wedding-photography-14 endicott-estate-wedding-photography-15 endicott-estate-wedding-photography-16 endicott-estate-wedding-photography-17-2 endicott-estate-wedding-photography-18 endicott-estate-wedding-photography-19 endicott-estate-wedding-photography-20 endicott-estate-wedding-photography-21 endicott-estate-wedding-photography-22 endicott-estate-wedding-photography-23 endicott-estate-wedding-photography-24


endicott-estate-wedding-photography-25-2 endicott-estate-wedding-photography-26-2 endicott-estate-wedding-photography-27-2

The reveal.

endicott-estate-wedding-photography-28-2 endicott-estate-wedding-photography-29-2 endicott-estate-wedding-photography-30-2 endicott-estate-wedding-photography-31 endicott-estate-wedding-photography-32-2 endicott-estate-wedding-photography-33-2

More to come from Joan and John’s ceremony and celebration!


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