children / portraiture

Morgan + Dana

Winter Wonderland in Nagog Woods  |  Acton

We started this mini-shoot in Dana and Morgan’s cozy home with lovey-dovey shots of the two… then we headed out into the woods for some fog and fresh snow filled shots! I think you’ll see the mother-daughter love shining through these photographs!

acton-family-photography-5-1 acton-family-photography-5-2 acton-family-photography-5-3

happy Morgan!


acton-family-photography-1-1 acton-family-photography-1-2 acton-family-photography-1-3 acton-family-photography-1-5 acton-family-photography-1-6 acton-family-photography-1-7 acton-family-photography-1-8 acton-family-photography-1-11 acton-family-photography-1-14 acton-family-photography-2-2 acton-family-photography-9-1


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