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Hip Stitch Holiday Fashion Show

Newton girls show off their Style and Stitchery

A night with so many beautiful and talented girls!

A few weeks ago I photographed Newtonville’s Hip Stitch Holiday Fashion Show and all the pre-show preparations.  Hip Stitch is a learning center for children, teens and adults for sewing.  Its founder, Nicola Day aims to share her talents by showing girls that sewing is totally hip!

When I arrived some of the girls were sewing last-minute details on to their dresses and bags, some were getting their hair curled and others straightened, some were getting eyeshadow and lip gloss applied.  The girls were amazingly welcoming and almost each one was excited to have her portrait taken!  I had fun taking photos of them “backstage” before the big show and then photographed them all walking down the runway!

For more information on Hip Stitch’s upcoming classes and fashion shows:   Visit Hip Stitch’s Website

Last minute preparations!

All the girls went crazy checking out Brian’s stretched ear lobe!


A hand-made fabric Christmas tree!

And the show begins!

Afterward Hip Stitch’s Creator Nicola Day receives accolades for a job well done!

Irresistible cup-cakes make the end of the night sweet!


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