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Brant Rock Beach Wedding

Charlene + Daniel Wed on the Beach

close friends and family join this happy couple as they commit to each other, so beautiful

I can’t emphasize enough how sweet this couple is!!  It was hard to catch them not admiring each other with huge grins across their faces.  A close circle of friends and family surrounded them as they declared their love for each other and their family.  After the ceremony we had time to grab a few shots of the pair enjoying their day on the beach.

Visit Charlene + Daniel’s Wedding Gallery for more photos from the day:

Daniel and Elek, a handsome pair


The groom’s mother Joanie poses beautifully!

Getting her dad Vinny ready for the ceremony… sweet

Elek, Charlene’s incredibly dashing son was ring-bearer.

I see tears in the groom’s eyes!

I love this one, it is so easy to see the love between these two!

A perfect wedding date! 10.10.10 !

My favorite shot from the day… oh when you are on my side sun!


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