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Franklin Park Zoo in Black and White

Gorillas and Follies in Dorchester’s Back Yard

My favorite zoo moments

Last weekend we took a family trip to the Franklin Park Zoo for Leila to see her favorite stuffed animals in life size.  We saw a lion, two tigers, sadly no bears…  There were peacocks strutting around everywhere all day long and a rogue escaped crane that left a little white dropping a bit too close to us.  One of the gorillas is pregnant and they had a little baby shower for her, very cute!  The ostriches were definitely my favorite for the day; I never knew that they can roll there eyes all the way back like that!

Besides all the great animals we saw we were also able to enjoy the zoo itself and some of its history.  The zoo was founded in 1912 and built on a formerly private property where several follies (miniature architectures meant to enhance the experience of a landscape) were built by the owner.  Many of them, if not all of them, can still be spotted while exploring the zoo.

ostrich with eye rolled backzoo folly and bird building2 camels

sleeping lion

This gorilla skull was on display at the baby shower, not sure why, kinda creepy, but it looks cool!

gorilla skullgorilla staring at me

I think the gorilla on the left is the pregnant mama.gorillascondor

I couldn’t resist!  The colors are just so pretty!peacock


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