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Leila’s First Birthday

My Baby Girl is One-Year-Old!

A Fancy First Birthday

We celebrated Leila’s first Birthday this week with a fancy dinner in the Soiree Room of Upstairs on the Square in Harvard Square.  Leila (surprisingly) LOVED her dressy dress, hairband, and shoes.  At home after getting ready she twirled around lifting the skirt up and down, flirting with me.  She left the headband on all night which I couldn’t believe because usually she snatches anything I try to put in her hair right away.   The outfit she wore matched the dining room so perfectly that even the owner of the restaurant told the surrounding tables that she wished all her diners would dress like little Leila.  Leila had fun with all the attention from the staff and the other diners.  I hope I get to shoot a wedding here one day! I have so many ideas!!

Thanks to Mazen for taking this photo of us!I was inspired to take a really dark and moody underexposed photograph by this cool 80’s photography book I’m reading…

She munched a little bit of everything off of our plates as we ate.   We enjoyed a sweet pea ravioli with Smithfield ham, pecorino romano & mint, an heirloom tomato salad with fresh raspberry vinegar, Vermont goat cheese & thai basil.  For my dinner I ate wild striped bass & wood-grilled shrimp on a bed of celery, endive, organic fennel & Eva’s roses.  Mazen ordered the Steak Frites which came with hand cut fries lemony aioli & Maitre d’Hotel butter.  (I borrowed the details from the restaurant’s online menu… like I could remember all that…)  After dinner came her little zebra birthday cake and ice cream.   Then we all walked around Harvard Square for a bit enjoying the local performers.  When Leila started getting drowsy we headed home for gifts.  Thanks to all who mailed her gifts from afar!  We missed you all!

such a princess!

self portrait  :)

“I don’t have to wear a bib?!”

Out on the town in Harvard Square

My cup  runneth over.


6 thoughts on “Leila’s First Birthday

  1. My beautiful little angel…so cute…Happy Birthday…I miss you all so much, but honestly miss Leila the most hehehehehe I can’t wait to see her and kiss those cheeks….smallah, khalikoun fou2 rassa w 3a2bel el mieh 7abibi!

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