Mazen becomes American

Mazen Swears in as U.S. Citizen in Historic Faneuil Hall

A packed house as Mazen joins hundreds to become an American Citizen…

Thanks to a really nice officer we all got to wait inside away from the heat so Leila could stay cool and comfortable.  We enjoyed candy fruits and the historic building while we waited!  The ceremony was just long enough to allow Leila to doze off for a few minutes.  Mazen and all the others swearing in were on the lower level while the guests watched on from above.  Sadly we couldn’t get a great view of Mazen (always sitting next to a column!). We did have a comfy spot upstairs next to some really nice people who had lots of fun playing with Leila (while she was awake).  The ceremony went off without a hitch and we were soon reunited outside for a few photos and then off to Wagamama (I know, very American) for lunch!


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