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Lebanese Festival

Ooooo Fatoooush!

Jamaica Plain

Yesterday we went to the first of, I hope, many Lebanese festivals at Our Lady of Cedars in Jamaica Plain.  The food was great, although I must say it lacked Taunt Mischa’s garlic sauce (tum!).  There were lots of activities for the kids, music for everyone to dance to and cotton candy!  Who can ask for more out of a church festival!  They also had hummos, falafel wraps, labne, corn on the cobb, Hamburgers and hotdogs for the kids, and Lebanese beer and wine.

There was a woman doing face-painting for the kids so I saw lots of little girls running around with butterflies and hearts on their cheeks!  Of course there were the extreme cases of full facial coverage in the form of tiger masks too!

Abouna Georges

Maamoul and Baklawa (baklava) were just some of the mountains of sweets for sale.  They also had Namoura, Maakarouns, and Ouwamat.  Not to mention cotton candy, ice cream, and WATERMELON!  Leila had her first taste of cotton candy!

showing off her homemade Labne

Mitchell Kaltsunas and Ensemble performed as everyone danced the Dabke!  Leila danced on her own in her stroller, she’s got the beat!

They had a special procession before the festival began for St. Mary’s day.


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