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Kahn + Saarinen + Bunshaft = New Haven

Mini-trip (I heart Bunshaft)

New Haven

Mazen, Leila, and I took a long overdue trip down to New Haven to see a few buildings and check out some museum collections.  First we went to the Yale Center for British Art designed by Louis Kahn.  They had an amazing collection of British Posters for Transit.  It’s this huge collection of posters advertising travel that have been posted through the years in the London Underground.  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to photograph on that floor, but I highly recommend visiting!  While you’re there check out the amazing skylights and stairwell!

Next we crossed the street to the Yale University Art Gallery.  This is another of Kahn’s works.  It’s known for its triangular gridded concrete ceilings.  Here we saw an amazing collection of African art pieces including some EXTREME masks!

from a window in the Yale Center for British Art + alley art downtown New Haven


Photo by Mazen: quick drive by Eero Saarinen's Ingalls Rink (closed for the season, of course)

Finally we stopped by Gordon Bunshaft’s Beineke Rare Book and Manuscript Library.  From outside it just looks like the standard modern floating white box, but inside a warm surprise!  This building is a real jewel, a must see!  The space is so monumental, but at the same time so textural on a human scale from the grain in the white marble showing through as orange from the sunlight cutting through it to the texture created behind the glass by all of the rare books.  Somehow I missed seeing the Gutenberg Bible, but Mazen saw it and said it was amazing.


My Harvard man going incognito on the Yale campus


Crawford Manor and Dixwell Fire Station next up!


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