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Baby Beach Bum

This weekend we took Leila up to Cape Ann for her first beach experience!

watching the big kids playing soccer on the beach

The beach and the weather were amazing, lending perfect light for photographing my baby girl’s beach day.

We left our apartment in Watertown before 8:00 and after stopping at shaws for some bottles of water we drove up to Wingaersheek beach, arriving there at 9:00. I love getting to these beach early in the morning because there is a sand bar that goes way out into the little bay.  I like to walk out to the end of it where the waves roll in from two directions.  It’s the most relaxing experience besides a 90 minute massage!  When I was pregnant with Leila I went to Wingaersheek a few times to shed off some of the pregnancy stress and it was extremely therapeutic!

This shell was huge! We brought it home, but sadly it broke in transit

I packed fruit salad and sandwiches that we finished off by 11:00. Leila munched on bits of our sandwiches and drank the lemonade I made the day before.  We sat on our bright beach towels while Leila explored the sand by squeezing it through her tiny hands.  We gave her a bucket and shovel which she mostly just tried to chew on.  She loved running around on the hard-packed sand trying to get the attention of the older kids.

running after the "big" girl (probably a 3-year-old)

Awesome wind for kiting!

Mazen flew a kite for Leila’s benefit but it was slightly hard to get her to look way up at it.  It flew so high!

Beach hat!

I love that the shadow of the kite is all around her, but she is still lit by the sun

first steps in the ocean!!!

Her first dip in the ocean!

I stretched my arm way out for this one!

My sunglasses match mama's!

What is this?!!?!

We had a great day!! Can’t wait to do it again!!


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